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Activision Blizzard acquires Digital Legends, a mobile developer from Barcelona. Digital Legends is a mobile game studio specializing in shooter games. According to Activision Blizzard, the new studio would support the development of an unannounced new Call of Duty mobile game.

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Moreover, Activision stated that the development studio had joined Activision’s growing roster of independent studio teams.

Terms of the deal, such as the deal’s worth, were not disclosed in Activision’s press release.

Rob Kostich, Activision’s President, stated that Digital Legends was an incredible team of development professionals.

Additionally, he said that Activision was thrilled to welcome them to the team.

It was a great step forward, Kostich stated, in building world-class development resources focused on innovative and fun content for their players.

Furthermore, Chris Plummer, Activision’s Head of Mobile, stated that Digital Legends’ rich experience in developing highly-polished mobile games would be great for Activision’s projects.

Plummer explained that Activision was actively working on building a world-class mobile development roster of talent and teams.

Moreover, Activision Blizzard stated that Digital Legends was already a well-integrated company within Activision’s mobile development department.

Their teams, Activision revealed, had been working closely throughout 2021.

About Digital Legends

Digital Legends is a pioneer in mobile game development, Activision Blizzard states. The studio has a broad portfolio of high-quality mobile games. Their most popular game series is The Respawnables™.

In the game, users can play single-player missions or go online and play in PVP campaigns. The game has a collection system where players can test and acquire the weapons they like.

In the multiplayer PVP mode, players can invite their friends and play with them in a team. Moreover, the game allows players to customize their weapons and explore many different maps.

Respawnables – Special Forces is available on iOS and Android. According to GameRefinery, the game has generated more than $4.6 million in revenue since its release on iOS. In addition, Respawnables – Special Forces has received over four million downloads on the App Store and more than ten million on Google Play.

The announced Call of Duty mobile game is currently in development, Activision shares. Solid State™, Activision’s internal studio, is developing the game, along with Beenox and Activision’s Shanghai subsidiary.

Digital Legends’ acquisition continued Activision’s expansion of world-class development resources across the organization, Activision stated.

Furthermore, Activision said they’d built and expanded development teams in Austin, Guildford, Krakow, Melbourne, Mexico City, and Toronto.

Xavier Carillo-Costa, CEO and Founder of Digital Legends, said that it was very exciting for their team to become a part of Activision Blizzard, one of the greatest franchises in the world.

Moreover, Carillo-Costa added that the addition of Digital Legends’ team with years of expertise in high-quality mobile games would bolster Activision’s growing mobile talent pool.