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Creating top-performing ads for your casual mobile game is essential for your game’s success. There’s no better way to learn how to create top-notch ads than by analyzing competitor’s ads.

That’s why we have decided to break down and dissect ads from top casual game publishers.

Ready to find out what makes a great casual game ad?

Table of Contents

1. Angry Birds 2 Ad Example

Duration: 00:15

Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger

Video Ad Breakdown

In the first couple of frames of this Angry Birds 2 ad, you can see Red about to be catapulted as a huge hand pulls back the slingshot.

What does that do?

It creates tension and suspense. You’re wondering what will happen next?

It makes you want to continue watching the ad instead of scrolling past it.

So what can we learn from the first second of the video ad?

You need to grab people’s attention – by any means necessary. The beginning of your casual mobile game video ad should be highly dynamic and engaging. Give people a good reason to watch the ad.

Once you get them hooked, it’s crucial to keep users engaged throughout the length of the video ad – you don’t want them to lose interest half-way through.

In the Angry Birds 2 ad, the excitement increases as Red is sent flying through the air.

When it hits the target, the green pigs explode in a cloud of smoke – another very engaging and satisfying scene. Not only does it showcase main game mechanics, but it also creates excitement.

As the camera moves away, we see the game on a smartphone screen as well as the player – who is a young woman that doesn’t look anything like the stereotypical ‘gamer’.

That’s very significant.

As I mentioned before, 58% of Angry Birds players are female so it’s important to represent that demographic since it’s their target audience.

In the last few seconds of the video, we can see the most important information about the game – game title, smartphone screen with Angry Birds 2 gameplay, the main character, and of course, call to action (download now).

The video sound is another important aspect here.

The music is kind of in the background, but there’s a narrator whose voice leads us through the ad. “Angry Birds 2, it’s bigger, better, and angrier than ever,” – which is quite catchy, just like a good copy.

That brings us to the next part of the Angry Birds 2 video ad breakdown.

Angry Birds 2 Copy Analysis

An outstanding copy is another essential part of a mobile game ad that converts.

In this Angry Birds ad, there’s no text in the video itself, but there is in the ad description – “It’s not bad to get mad.”

Their other ads include text like “Weather report for today: sunny with a chance of Angry,” “Anger management in five easy steps,” and “Can you pass these levels?”

The last one is indicative of the game itself – it’s easy to play, but it’s very hard to master. That’s what makes it so addictive and engaging. It also poses a challenge to the users.

Another important thing to note that all Angry Birds ads have multiple versions. The ad is dynamic which means the advertiser can add up to 10 images or videos and up to 5 text assets. The audience is shown the version that will produce the best results.

According to Facebook, dynamic creative ads can lower CPI while increasing conversions and app installs.

Sounds perfect, right?

2. Coin Master Ad Example

Duration: 00:30

Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network

Coin Master Video Ad Breakdown

Coin Master went in a different direction with their ads and collaborated with J.Lo and the Kardashians. You have probably seen those ads pop-up all over Instagram and Facebook.

This a brilliant idea because it’s an influencer marketing campaign at its core.

J.Lo is a huge star and she has made a comeback recently with her Super Bowl halftime show. People just love her. And the Kardashians are still very much in the spotlight. Love them or hate them, you know who they are – the whole world does.

So showing J.Lo and the Kardashians as Coin Master players enables Moon Active to reach a whole new audience. It’s a smart user acquisition strategy.

Granted, we can only imagine the ungodly amount of money Moon Active had to dump in this campaign. It’s not something a small game studio can afford.

However, studios with a smaller budget can learn from the general idea of influencer marketing. You don’t have to hire huge celebrities and macro-influencers like the Kardashians – there are micro gaming influencers you can collaborate with.

The essence of this campaign is the fact that users trust recommendations from other people. If they see J.Lo or some gamer they like from YouTube play a certain game, they’re inclined to play it too.

Another good lesson you can learn from Coin Master ads is localization. For example, they have Spanish versions of all of the ads that run in the United States (since there are a lot of Spanish-speaking users in the US).

Moreover, there are subtitles on all Coin Master ads (both English and Spanish). That’s a good idea considering most people mute videos on social media and the conversations in these ads are crucial for understanding it.

There’s also a couple of different versions of each ad, which is a smart thing to do. You should always have multiple creatives for your casual game which you then test. If one version of the ad performs better than others, you go with that and create more creatives that are similar.

So much of casual mobile game advertising is about split testing. It’s not like Moon Active created perfect Coin Master ads that convert right off the bat – it takes a lot of time, testing, and analysis.

Coin Master Copy Analysis

Let’s look at the are three different versions of the J.Lo ad copy:

  1. OMG! J.Lo is Getting Louder At The Supermarket!  Attack Your Enemies  & Steal Their Coins  Play Now! 
  1. Don’t be fooled by the Coins that she got, she’s still Jenny from the Block!  Has J.Lo attacked your Village yet? 
  1. J.Lo is waiting for tonight to Raid your Village!  Attack Your Enemies  & Steal Their Coins  Play Now! 

Also, J.Lo posted this on her social media:

Ain’t it funny you thought you could attack my village on Coin Master and get away with it?!  Download Coin Master now for free in the App Store and Google Play. #coinmaster #DidYouJustAttackMyVillage 

All of them are quite simple but exciting and fun with all the emojis. It, of course, highlights the influencers. A very direct call to action is included which invites users to play now.

3. Homescapes Ad Example

Duration: 00:30

Platforms: Facebook

Video Ad Breakdown

Homescapes is an editor’s choice casual game on Google Play, and it’s wildly popular.

All Playrix’s ads have the same idea behind it – they don’t portray the main aspects of the gameplay, but a separate puzzle.

Now, you might be wondering why that is? Wouldn’t it be more effective to show actual gameplay? It kind of seems misleading.

But here’s the thing.

These ads work!

Think about it.

Would a huge mobile game studio like Playrix spend a ton of money on ads that are not bringing them new users?

Of course, they wouldn’t.

But the question is why do this type of ads work? Who are they targeting?

In the case of casual games advertising, ads that are simple and hook you with some type of challenge or a puzzle perform well. Plus, all Homescapes ads end up with a fail – this makes viewers think they can do better. In other words, it poses a challenge to them.

As it was mentioned before, in order to successfully advertise a casual mobile game, you need to understand casual gamers.

Casual gamers don’t want to spend hours understanding and learning the game – they want to play it immediately, wherever they are.

These types of ads speak to that audience of casual and puzzle players who just want some quick fun.

Copy Analysis

What can be noticed in Homescape’s copy is that creates a challenge for the users – “Think you can do better?”

This is a simple, but effective trick that draws users in and makes them download the game.

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