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The question ‘How can enterprise mobile apps increase ROI’ is something that every business who has invested in enterprise mobility solutions seeks an answer to. Increasing the Return on Investment (ROI) through enterprise apps is a concern for many businesses that are investing in the digital platform.


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While the role that enterprise apps play in growing your business is not unknown to the corporate world of all sizes, there lies a gap in understanding how exactly the ROI for enterprise mobility solutions is calculated and how these mobile apps can increase the ROI of your business.

Enterprise App Market Overview

At a time when the world is going mobile, the business domain is not left behind too. With the many perks that Enterprise mobility offers, the present situation is that there are a number of companies that are finding themselves getting behind their competition in the absence of an enterprise application.

This pressing need to introduce technology and mobility to the workforce is something that is now shaping the enterprise mobility market to a phase of constant growth.

Here’s an infographic showing the state of the enterprise market that is presently operating in the industry –

The figures that you just saw are the doing of three primal mobility facts:

1. Enterprise Apps Increases Productivity

A survey held by Adobe found that more than 51% of the respondents felt that the biggest advantage of enterprise applications is the scope of high productivity that it brings. And 47% of people felt that not having an enterprise application can make companies lose out on potential sales or new clients.

2. They Drive Growth and Revenue

With enterprise apps, you can measure the time employees devote to particular tasks. You can check what resources are needed to complete KPIs set for the organization and which ones are redundant. This not only increases efficiency but also leads to the growth of the company.

3. The Usage is Continuously Growing

The benefits that enterprise apps are able to attract are directly driving the high usage and adoption of enterprise mobility solutions in businesses across industries. An adoption that is on a constant growth drive.

Now that we have looked at how the enterprise app market is forming, let us talk a little more about the features of a good enterprise application, the many ways ROI of enterprise apps can be measured, and the ways you can increase the number.

But before we even move to the strategizing phase of how to increase the ROI of an enterprise app, it is important to understand what makes up for a good high ROI worthy enterprise application which is prepared for the new normal.

Features of an Efficient Enterprise App

Although enterprise apps promise smooth functioning of business processes, there is a lot that should go behind an enterprise application to be termed as efficient.

Let us look at what those features are:

A. Scalability

One of the main features that should be present in an efficient enterprise app is scalability. The enterprise mobility offering that you give should grow as your business grows and even reduce if the team size gets small.

B. Real-Time Access

One of the main reasons to bring enterprises on mobile is to enable real-time access to information on the move. The whole idea in itself is to make it possible for teams to view, download, upload, and share information in real-time.

C. Security

An enterprise app will have to function around multiple sensitive data and information on an every time basis and this will require them to be 100% hack-proof with minimal to zero scopes of security breaches.

D. Heavy Integration

An enterprise app should never work as an individual silo. There should be proper linking with emails, social media, native call functionality, payment modules, etc. In fact, syncing it to other devices can be of great help – an event that has made wearables an important part of the enterprise application development services. Only a proper integration would ensure that the app is able to perform under all conditions.

E. Instant Conversation

The last big USP of successful enterprise application services is the ease of instant, real-time conversation. Your stakeholders should be given the ease to have real-time conversations with everyone else using the application.

The above pointers make up for a good enterprise mobile application development and play a contributory role in defining the ROI of an enterprise application. Let us now look at the ways to know the ROI that you are getting before we head into – how to improve ROI.

How to Estimate the ROI of Your Enterprise App

Here we are going to share with you is a process that we follow to help our business mobile app development clients know their apps’ ROI. The ideas to measure ROI for your enterprise apps revolve around a three-step process.

The first stage is to know the cost you invested in getting it made – an idea of which you will get from revisiting any cost of mobile app development documentation. You will have to look back at the invoice that was generated by the enterprise application development company you partnered with.

The next stage is to measure the output the enterprise app was able to deliver. And the way to do that is through enlisting KPIs.

Here are some of the KPIs that can be used to measure the effectiveness:

  • Sales number
  • Amount of paperwork
  • Response time of field technicians
  • Production Cost

Once you have the before and after numbers against these and other KPIs, the time of the last stage comes.

The last stage of measuring enterprise mobile apps ROI is Calculating the ROI. Doing that will require you to weigh the outcome against the investment made in developing enterprise apps.

Following this will help you to measure the ROI of your enterprise mobility solutions – something that helps businesses and their partnered enterprise mobile app development company set the base to forming strategies for increasing the ROI of an enterprise app.

Strategies On How Can Enterprise Mobile Apps Increase ROI 

The ways to enhance ROI of enterprise apps can be decided on the basis of how involved you are able to keep your employees with the application. Now, there are multiple ways to achieve that. Ways that can be seen as strategies to increase ROI of an enterprise app.

A. Keep iterating the application

The first part of increasing the ROI of your enterprise application is to make a plan for continuous iteration. Keep monitoring what features are the employees interacting with most and what are their views on it. And upon that information, keep changing the application feature delivery milestone wise – to ensure that all the points highlighted by the employees are well addressed in time.

In short, you cannot expect your application to be great in the first go. You will have to keep doing A-B testing to ensure that the best of it is received by the employees and the whole company in general. Hoping that it will be good to go at once is one of the biggest myths that surround mobile enterprise application platforms

B. Increase participation from the employees

One of the biggest problems that the enterprise apps face is the lack of participation from employees. It is very common for employees to not show interest in something that expects them to deviate from the legacy system – especially if your workforce is made of Gen X.

One most effective process that helps increase participation is healthy competition. You can set competition in terms of percent of participation between domains within the company, gamifying the entire experience.

When you add competition along with a set of really helpful features, the participation count is bound to spike up.

C. Offer greater speed

Today’s digital-first generation has a sweet spot for speed. Whether it’s about consuming content or interacting with the application, they don’t take low speed lightly. To better the speed and in turn the enterprise mobile ROI, enterprise software developers can try compressing the image size, removing superfluous features that weigh down the application load speed.

D. Work on the app’s UI/UX

Working on the application’s UI and UX can be another primal way to guarantee your app’s acceptance – at least on the grounds of appeal and aesthetics.

The UI/UX of your app should be engineered in such a way that users are able to easily flow from one screen to another with the utmost ease and zero distractions.

Also, the design of your enterprise application should be intuitive enough to let the users know where to move, which screen to click next, and what goal to complete on each screen, etc.

E. Make domain-specific app segments

One of the biggest complaints that enterprise app users commonly have is having multiple features set in one application – sets that most often than not are not designed for a specific team but for all.

So, mostly a domain’s team ends up viewing and dodging several feature sets that do not even affect their work. So, what helps is having multiple screens within an application, with each screen curated to answer a particular domain instead of all.

This way, employees will be able to have a quick in and out experience, something that is a must-have in an enterprise app that is supposed to be an enabler and not a roadblock.

F. Work on the feature set

There are some advanced features that simply increase the chances of your app being valued by the employees. Here are some of them:

Here are some of them:

  • Contact Directory
  • Meeting Room Booking
  • Bug Reporting
  • Company Broadcast and Announcement
  • Social Media Connect

G. Add an interactive technology

The last strategy that you can apply to make your application interactive is adding technologies that are known to improve the interaction levels within an application. A strategy that seemed to work wonders when we developed our first enterprise application. Technologies like – Artificial Intelligence-powered Chatbots, Augmented and Virtual Reality, etc.

Such technologies being fun in nature helps the employees connect with your offering at a much deeper level.

H. Strengthen app’s security 

The true ROI of enterprise app development can be calculated by its security strength. Ensuring high security and maintaining zero security breaches is necessary for the development of a loyal customer base for an enterprise. An enterprise app is designed to carry a number of personal business data which if lost can be disastrous for a brand – meaning, unhackable security is not just a must-have feature but also a key mode of bettering the enterprise app’s ROI.