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As the worldwide launch time of GrandChase comes shut, we’re assured that an interesting and fascinating story is ready for us, as within the unique launch. One other factor we all know is that the brand new recreation will proceed the unique story virtually with none interruption. When you didn’t play the primary recreation, you would possibly discover it obscure what’s happening. This information has been ready to convey you up to the mark: Beneath, you will discover the story of the sport and the historical past of the saga, and be taught every little thing you’ve been questioning about GrandChase earlier than the sport is launched.


Table of Content

Main Milestones

  • August 2003: The sport was launched by KOG Studios in Korea. Solely Microsoft Home windows working system was supported. (You possibly can now not play this model.)
  • March 2008: English model of the sport is launched.
  • December 2009: GGP publishes the primary cell port of the sport. This model was known as “GrandChase Lite”.
  • April 2015: All servers of GrandChase are shut down. Because it was an MMO, it was now not potential to play the sport. KOG Studios began working onanother recreation known as Elsword.


  • July 2015: Da Vinci Video games releases one other cell port known as “GrandChase M”. In August 2018, the servers of this model have been additionally shut down.
  • September 2017: The closed beta of GrandChase Dimensional Chaser began.
  • January 2018: Korean model of GrandChase Dimensional Chaser was launched. A couple of months later, particular variations for the Philippines and Japan have been additionally launched.
  • Now: The brand new model of GrandChase is about to be revealed globally.

The Saga Continues

To start with, there was only a cosmic being known as “Creator”. The Creator created devils, and gods and goddesses. However he didn’t need the devils to stay in the identical universe because the gods: For that reason, he created a world known as Aernas for the residing, and one other known as Elyos for the lifeless and the demons. The demons and the lifeless who lived in Elyos have been to be often called “Asmodians”.

Ernasis, the goddess of conflict, Lisnar, the goddess of mercy, and Amenias, the goddess of knowledge got here to Aernas. People, elves, and dwarves have been already residing right here. Goddesses helped them to create a civilization known as “Kounat”. All humanoid races began to stay collectively in Kounat.

The goddesses left Aernas to wander the universe after making a “excellent world”. The Asmodians in Elyos started to assault Kounat by way of dimensional gates. The Kounat individuals managed to make use of the facility of the goddesses with a weapon known as “Aernas Hammer”, and repelled the Asmodian assault. This occasion was to be often called “First Magic Struggle”.

Centuries handed. The rulers of Kounat determined to analyze and use the facility of the unyielding goddesses within the occasion of one other Asmodian assault. However the energy corrupted them. Aernas Hammer exploded with unbelievable drive when utilized by these corrupted beings. The blast fully destroyed Kounat.

The surviving humanoid races gathered within the cities of Kanavan and Serdin. Elves, dwarves, and people began to stay somewhere else. However the “evil” in humanoid races was already woke up.

Centuries handed, as soon as extra. This was a really chaotic interval for Aernas, and there have been frequent wars between the kingdoms. The most important of those battles got here between Kanavan and Serdin. In actuality, the reason for the conflict was the evil plans of a sorceress named Kaze’aze. Kaze’aze induced two kingdoms to enter a conflict with lies and false info.

A particular group of adventurers, known as “Grand Chase”, was created to search out Kaze’aze and cease the conflict earlier than it’s too late. The group pursued the wizard in all Aernas and skilled numerous adventures. Some group members have been separated, some betrayed one another.

GrandChase lastly managed to defeat Kaze’aze, however they felt a a lot larger evil: There was one other risk from Elyos, which was sturdy sufficient to destroy all Aernas. The Grand Chase group determined to analyze this risk and…

…And, the unique story ends right here. For a very long time, we questioned what had occurred to the primary GrandChase group that continued their adventures on Elyos. In a short while, we’ll be capable of be taught what really occurred to them. Now, you’re prepared for GrandChase’s world launch, and you understand how the story begins: Be a part of us to be taught the way it ends!