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We’ve seen no finish of cool issues made inside Minecraft through the years, however that is critically spectacular. YouTuber sammyuri spent the higher a part of a yr making a CPU inside the sport, and a option to create software program to run on it.


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The simulated 8-bit processor runs at a sedate 1Hz clock velocity; and has 256 bytes of RAM. Not precisely a velocity demon or anyplace close to the CPU in your pc proper now, however that’s sufficient to run easy packages. Sammyuri calls it the Computational Humongous Unconvential Quantity and Graphics Unit, or CHUNGUS 2 for brief.

As a substitute of transferring electrons round, as in a conventional CPU, Minecraft CPUs use the physics engine of the sport to simulate them. It’s a mechanical illustration of a CPU, which runs within the sport, which is working in your conventional CPU. It’s very meta and really, very cool.

A CPU with out something to run can be technically cool, however one that may truly play video games? Sweetness.

Sammyuri hooked his CPU as much as a 32×32 simulated Minecraft display, which may play video games like Snake, Tetris, and even do your maths homework. It’s all managed by a controller that the participant jumps on to press the buttons.

The opposite ridiculous factor? As a substitute of working off exterior code, the video games are bodily in-built Minecraft. If this was in-built actuality to Minecraft’s scale, the CPU can be across the measurement of a cruise ship, with video games concerning the measurement of a freight practice. Whew.