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TooFar Media is a storytelling expertise that transcends the common boundaries of the time period “app”.


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TooFar Media is one thing very, very completely different than you is likely to be used to. It’s a end result of painstaking storytelling – a sequence of tales by Wealthy Shapero, mixed with music and artwork corresponding to every particular person chapter you learn.

This all-inclusive type of storytelling is exclusive in that every thing is designed to be higher than the sum of its elements. Taken on their very own, both the art work, the music or simply the books themselves, they lack the all-encompassing energy that the app expertise supplies.

On first utilizing the app, you’re introduced with a small tutorial instructing you easy methods to navigate by means of TooFar Media. The design is sort of intuitive, permitting you to half the display by pulling your fingers from the middle outwards, opening the web page from the center in a burst of fireside to climb down beneath to the music.

From the musical tab, you’ll be able to activate the music in order to accompany the textual content. You’re supplied with the lyrics, in addition to a smoky, rustic design permeating your complete display.

From the music tab, you’ll be able to half the ocean as soon as extra to plunge deep downwards into the art work. Each part of the books supplied in TooFar Media are accompanied by lovely work. The painstaking brushstrokes are evident within the artwork, as you’ll be able to zoom proper in to see the person strokes that give the artwork its beautiful element.

When you’ve commenced the music and gazed on the art work, it’s time to truly start the complete expertise and begin studying the ebook.

When an app has music, it’s often for a really particular function. Even when it’s a easy sport and its music is seemingly solely there to supply a background to your gameplay, it nonetheless supplies an essential service.

Within the case of TooFar Media, the music couldn’t be any extra good.

The gradual, haunting notes of the track start simply as you learn the primary strains of the ebook. As you learn, the music shifts and alters, changing into one thing totally completely different and otherworldly, corresponding close to precisely with the shifting actuality of the textual content. As the principle character experiences concern and longing, mixed with confusion and frustration, the music itself picks up right into a shattering crescendo.

The sudden readability and depth of the music will make you sit bolt upright, alarmed but serenaded, completely matching the tone and feeling inside the textual content.

This otherworldly feeling, this sense of transcending actuality by means of the textual content is typical of Wealthy Shapero’s work.

Wealthy Shapero has been an writer for a number of years and his texts are well-known for being an journey into different worlds.

The tales instructed by Shapero are ones of alternate worlds, whereby characters have experiences shut and acquainted to mankind however in a completely completely different panorama.

The principle textual content on provide in TooFar Media is Rin, Tongue and Dorner, a narrative exploring the character of human need, battle and its penalties.

As with all Wealthy Shapero books, your complete expertise is designed to be felt as one. The texts alone inform a robust story of inside battle and love, however the music and art work come collectively to create one thing totally completely different.

The music, is persistently haunting and highly effective. Designed to coincide with the occasions of the novel, the music will take you on a journey that follows the ebook’s, stunning and scary you one second, then soothing and seducing you the following.

The art work, which exists as a ultimate accompaniment to the tales, is by Eugene Von Bruenchenhein. This self-taught artist from Milwaukee produced over one thousand work that includes apocalyptical landscapes smeared with color. Unloved and unnoticed in his time, von Bruenchenhein’s work is taken into account right now the hallmark of self-taught artwork.

His work, composed of cautious brushstrokes and complex patterns, are an ideal pairing with Wealthy Shapero’s tales – they inform a narrative of a special world, one near apocalypse and marred by human strife. As you learn the texts and hearken to the music and continuously delve deep by means of the parting tabs to zoom in on the art work. You could shock your self to find its which means modifications as you learn the textual content.

TooFar Media is an app that’s very existence is proof for the burgeoning selection accessible on the app retailer. It represents the efforts of all people who have come earlier than to assist push apps previous the straightforward boundary of simply being video games or comfort apps.

TooFar Media is not only a ebook, however one thing altogether extra sinister and highly effective. An all-encompassing interactive expertise replete with colour, music and emotion, this app will blow you away with its assailment of your senses.

You’ll learn a narrative that may take you on a journey to different worlds, all whereas having your ears full of the overwhelming sensation of splendor and wonder, then be capable of dwell on the textual content with art work that resonates with which means and symbolism.

Wealthy Shapero writes concerning the battle of human emotion and need, but there’s something however battle in TooFar Media’s eloquent mixing of music, artwork and literature.