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Mobile app marketing is getting more and more crucial for businesses day by day. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of app marketing after the product launch and how it can boost your online business and generate better ROI. Stay with us and know!


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Mobile apps’ influence is increasing day by day, making the mobile app industry more and more crowded every day. This compels the business world going mobile to make their brand’s presence more powerful and reachable to customers. Because of the increased demand for mobile app development and launch, mobile app marketing is also proliferating.

As of the third quarter of 2020, Android users have 2.87 million apps to choose from (making Google Play Store the store with the most significant number of available apps) and Apple App Store with almost 1.96 million available apps for iOS. With app stores already having hundreds of millions of apps, how would you make your app getting noticed? A well-thought application marketing strategy and effective app marketing tools can help you!

Emarketer estimates that US adults spend, on average, more than 4 hours with mobile internet, with 88% of that time within apps. To ensure your mobile stands out in the market and reaches the right set of users, you need to choose a reliable mobile app development company and the proven app-based marketing strategies to excel.

What Is Mobile App Marketing and Why Does It Matter?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is directly related to mobile app marketing because it focuses on improved visibility and increased conversion. Similarly, app marketing is about creating marketing campaigns to reach users’ right set at every marketing funnel stage. In other words, application marketing aims to attract the largest possible number of users for an app or widget and thereby generate revenue.

With application marketing bolstering mobile commerce, shoppers enjoy purchases via mobile apps. SMS clicks get more responses than emails; mobile app-based marketing is getting demanded day by day among retailers and other business owners.

If you learn everything about mobile app marketing comprehensively, you would understand that app marketing can help businesses make their brand visible to uncountable global mobile users if done right.

What Is the Importance of Mobile App Marketing After the Product Launch?

The most important reason to enter into the mobile app marketing arena is to reach out to potential users and make them aware of the product/services you’re offering. Without further ado, let’s roll into the importance of app marketing right after the product launch.

Increased Purchases Via Apps

With ever-growing mobile usage, shoppers are enjoying their online purchases through mobile apps. When this is the scenario, how can your business not leverage the app marketing right after the product launch and take your competitors’ risk outweighing you and stay ahead of you? Mobile app marketing can help you escape this and make your products seamlessly and safely reach out to your customers.

More SMS Clicks and Open Rates

Users receive plenty of emails and SMS every day. However, SMS text messaging marketing’s response rate is 45% vs email response rates at 6%, which means the SMS open rate is 7.5x higher than email. If your product got launched and you want maximum users to know about it, leveraging mobile app marketing via SMS for your product is the right choice. It will get you more clicks than emails, leading to higher chances of people buying your product.

Better Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is the primary element that any app owner will look into. Every business owner wants his/her business to excel in all departments and help in churning out maximum profitability. Once you harness the mobile app marketing, your brand reaches your people, and they start recognizing it, leading to maximum purchases and resulting in greater revenue.

Establish Two-Way Communication

These days, establishing excellent communication with your users is really critical. The more aligned your app experience is with a user’s needs and preferences, the more likely a user will continue using your product. For example, brands using in-app messages to communicate with users see user retention within 28 days of receiving a message range from 61% to 74%.

Enhanced User Engagement

App marketing is becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to boost user engagement and promote their products. If done right, your app can prevent customers from purchasing a product from competitors because customers are less likely to shop around for other options when using a company’s mobile app. This results in your app potentially engaging the right customers, boosting product sales in several ways.

Greater User Acquisition

Mobile app marketing hugely contributes to driving app user acquisition. By leveraging social media channels and funneling traffic to your app store page, you can drive organic growth and help your users find out about your app and, ultimately, about your latest launches.


If you get users to install your app, you can leverage push-notification marketing to inform your audience about your latest happenings, including product launches on an array of devices. This is the better outreach approach that can make users take necessary action with just a single tap.

Generates Higher ROI

Mobile app marketing and substantial growth sound tricky to achieve, but if you have a mobile app and market it well, you will be more likely to improve your ROI. Encouraging social media shares, offering rewards, providing value to users, and utilizing targeted marketing, are some of the best practices for strengthening ROI with mobile app marketing.

The Bottom Line

Let’s put it this way: once you’re done with launching the product, it’s time to embrace mobile app marketing to reach your potential users, have the upper hand and bring more success to your online business. By now, you must’ve learned the importance of mobile app marketing after the product launch. So what are you waiting for? Get ahead and harness app marketing right away!